How to use MyATL

ATL, the education union, represents education staff in the maintained and independent sectors across the UK, as well as in different roles from teachers and support staff to lecturers and leaders. The information on this website aims to encompass all those different groups but we recognise that sometimes you will want to get quickly to information that is specific to your role or sector.

This is why we have created MyATL. Sitting to the right of every page on the site, MyATL allows you to choose your role, your sector and your area by clicking inside the radio buttons.

You should then click on the link 'Activate my defaults' at the bottom of the MyATL column. The page will refresh and the column will show your chosen options and a series of links under the heading 'MyATL links'.

These links provide you with a quick way to get to information on the site that is relevant to you. So, for example, if you have chosen teacher, maintained sector, Wales, you will get links to things like teachers' pay scales in Wales and teachers' statutory rights in maintained schools in Wales, as well as things like our Welsh newsletter.

Similarly, if you have chosen support staff, independent, England, you will get quick links to pages such as those on support staff pay, support staff rights and our handbook on working in the independent sector.

The website will save your chosen options to your local computer, so the next time you come to use the website on that computer, you'll find your options will still be there.

If you want to change your options at any time, or if more than one person is using the same computer, you can do so at any time by clicking on the 'Change defaults' link.


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