Taking care of behaviour

This course will share practical, immediately useful strategies to improve behaviour wrapped around an intelligent philosophy. Delegates will learn how to teach behaviour through the use of reinforcement, praise, rituals, routines and habits and develop the ability to intervening skillfully without confrontation. This course includes collaborative group work, active exploration of practical ideas, video dissection, action research tasks to take back to work, purposeful enactment, reflective individual tasks, and investigative whole group exploration.

Course programme:

  • Consistency and the influence of your own behaviour.
  • Intelligent use of meaningful praise and reinforcement.
  • Rules, rituals, routines and habits of outstanding behaviour management.
  • Preventative strategies and techniques.
  • Eradicating low level disruption.
  • Dealing with students who say, "No, I ain't going to and you can't make me!".
  • Plenary.

Who this course is for

  • Leader/manager
  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • NQ/probationer
  • Support staff


£50 – all AMiE members, £50 – all standard teaching members, £30 - all trainee and newly qualified members, £30 – all standard support members

Course details

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