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Welcome to the South West region learning page. In the South West workplace and branch ULRs work closely with members to find out what their training needs are. Together we have organised a range of events including voice care, IT and British Sign language.

Branches in the South West are very proactive in using learning opportunities to engage with members. The workshops that they have opened up to members have included behaviour management, SEN awareness and dyslexia awareness. This has had the effect that more members are actively involved in ATL; some decide to become reps others to attend branch meetings and take on specific roles. Part of my role will be to ensure you are supported along the way.

As member in the South West you can get involved through attending an event or even become part of the South West Learning Network. This term a number of branches are undertaking learning needs surveys and will be using these to shape the events that will be on offer in the future. Please take time to complete these as we do want your input.

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Self-harm and young people

The Project, which supports young people age 13-24 with mental health issues, was founded in 2013 by Debbie Humberstone, whose daughter, Jess, developed severe mental health issues at the age of 15.

Jess suffered with severe depression and anxiety, self-harm and an eating disorder. Based on her family's personal experience, Debbie set up The Project to provide early intervention support to young people and their first group opened in Axminster, Devon, in September 2013 in response to local need. This was followed in January 2016 by their second group in Chard, Somerset.

This interactive workshop offers an opportunity to discuss the subject of self-harm openly and safely. It is suitable both for those with no awareness of this subject, as well as those supporting young people with this type of behaviour, and approaches this often difficult and distressing subject with sensitivity. You can expect to be given an insight into the world of young people who self-harm, as well as to gain understanding of the issue in its wider context, when seen as a form of coping.

Opportunities will be given to discuss and reflect on personal attitudes towards self-harm and in doing so, dispel some of the myths and taboos that surround the subject. Safe and effective ways of supporting young people that self-harm will be explored, together with gaining awareness of further resources and signposting information.

Who this course is for

  • All members.
PETROC College, Old Sticklepath Hill, Barnstaple EX31 2BQ 5.00 - 7.00pm 27/09/2016
Support staff meeting

Peter Morris, ATL National Official will talk about support staff issues.

Who this course is for

  • Support staff: all sectors and departments.
Holiday Inn, Gloucester-Cheltenham Crest Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3RX 5.00 - 8.00pm 05/10/2016
Avon Branch: Working with other unions

Richard Vanstone, ATL Avon Branch Secretary, will be discussing the drivers behind the need for the creation of a new union including addressing some of the commonly asked questions.

Richard will also explore the impact this will have on members in the Independent Sector.

Who this course is for

  • All members, but especially those who work in the Independent Sector.
Bath Mill Lodge, Newton Road, BATH BA2 9JF 7.00 - 8.30pm 21/11/2016
The Bristol Golf Club, St Swithins Park, Blackhorse Hill, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS10 7TP 7.00 - 8.30pm 23/11/2016
ATL Future: Autism live training

Unlike most autism training this course shows autism from an inside view and will help you gain insight into autism from a different perspective.

This session will be delivered by Richard Macguire.

Fresh Bittern Rd, Exeter, EX2 7LW 10am - 3pm 10/02/2017
ATL Future: Apply yourself

This talk will take trainees through the application process for teaching posts.

It will cover:

  • looking at adverts
  • completing an application
  • preparing for and attending an interview and accepting a post.

There will also be a chance to participate in a mock interview. Participants will leave the course with plenty of links and resources for further reading.

The China House, Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, PL4 0DW 5.30 - 8pm 08/03/2017
Guildhall Winchester, The Broadway, Winchester, SO23 9GH 5.30 - 8pm 14/03/2017
ATL Future: Teachers and the law

An excellent overview of the legal responsibilities of a teacher. This talk covers the school teachers pay and conditions document, an overview of legislation and child protection.

There is also a discussion session, which looks at a number of 'scenarios' asking trainees to think about who may be liable In certain situations legally and what they could do to protect themselves, the pupils and the school.

Southampton 5.30 - 8pm 24/05/2017
ATL Future: Summer event

A full day event covering a range of areas to fully prepare you before taking up your roles in September.

This course will cover:

  • Induction: Making it work for you.
  • Professional Boundaries.
  • Pensions.
  • Surviving lesson observations.
  • Dealing with parents.
Tony Benn House, Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6AY 21/06/2017
ATL Future: Safeguarding lecture

This session explores the part that teachers, support staff and the school play in safeguarding children.

It also looks at the legal requirements and responsibilities that are involved.

Fresh Bittern Rd, Exeter, EX2 7LW 5.30 - 8pm 18/10/2017
ATL Future: Professional boundaries

An overview of how to establish and maintain professional boundaries with pupils.

This workshop is full of real life case studies for trainees to work through and consider the boundaries they need to establish to maintain a positive and professional relationship with the students they teach. This workshop can be paired with 'protecting your professional identity'.

Tony Benn House, Victoria St, Bristol, BS1 6AY 5.30 - 8pm 16/11/2017

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