Training for reps

ATL provides a whole range of accredited training courses for new and existing reps. Click through the links below for more information about each course, including course dates and how to book a place.

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For an overview of what's on offer, see the ATL's guide for reps.

Being a rep

As an ATL rep, you were recently surveyed to explore the training opportunities you would like and how best to access them. A clear preference emerged for attending one-day regional events on topics such as helping colleagues in the workplace and tackling workplaces issues, as well as networking with other reps and finding out more about what you could do in your role.

Accordingly, we are going to be holding one-day reps' training events in your region during each term. The first course you should attend is ATL's workplace reps one-day induction course. You should then sign up for ATL's new three-stage course for reps

Your travel, subsistence and accommodation (if required) would be paid for by ATL.

Being a health and safety rep

This accredited course in health and safety deals with issues as varied as stress and bullying in the workplace to asbestos removal and risk assessment. It will help you identify the functions of a union safety rep, the legal provisions available to you, and how to consult with ATL members on hazards in the workplace.

The course is divided into three modules, the completion of which will lead to TUC stage 1 accreditation in health and safety. For more, see the health and safety training section of our website.

Being a union learning rep

This course covers the role of the union learning representative, working with staff and members around their access to and provision of union learning, the tools and skills needed to be a ULR. For more information, see the ULR training section of our website.

Other training

If you are already trained as a workplace rep, ULR or health and safety rep, we also have courses available to enable you to refresh and further develop your skills, eg negotiating skills and presentation skills, amongst others. Check out the training section of our website (accessible from the home page) or download the training brochure in the 'see also' list on the right for more on how ATL can help you progress in your role.

Time off for training

School and college representatives, including health and safety and union learning representatives, have a statutory entitlement to time off with pay, during working hours, for training related to the role.

To help you secure both time off and financial support from your employer, we have produced guidance on your rights to time off, how to request training from your employer and your rights if your request is refused.

If you encounter any problems securing paid time off, please contact the training team at ATL.

Training courses at a glance

Rep induction

Regions Rep induction
Eastern 30 September 2015 Milton Keynes
Eastern 4 May 2016 Cambridge
South West 15 October 2015 Salisbury
South West 14 April 2016 Warminster
Northern 16 October 2015 Leeds
Northern 25 May 2016 Leeds
Midlands 21 October 2015 Birmingham
Midlands 9 December 2015 Market Harborough
Midlands 23 June 2016 Birmingham
Midlands 15 June 2016 - Half day Market Harborough
North West 10 November 2015 Liverpool
North West 1 June 2016
South East 12 November 2015 London
South East 16 June 2016 London

Three-stage rep course

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Eastern 18 November 2015
Cambridge 26 January 2016
Cambridge 3 March 2016
South West
19 November 2015
Salisbury 28 January 2016
Salisbury 18 March 2016
Northern 20 November 2015
Leeds 5 February 2016
Leeds 22 April 2016
Midlands 20 January 2016
Birmingham 16 March 2016
Birmingham 6 July 2016
North West
24 November 2015
Manchester 15 March 2016
Manchester 16 June 2016
South East
4 February 2016
London 19 May 2016
7 July 2016

Health and safety rep courses

Regions Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
South East 11 November 2015
London 10 February  2016
London 10 May 2016

Equality reps training dates

Regions Stage 1
Midlands 25 November 2015 Birmingham
South East
27 April 2016
South West 5 February 2016 Plymouth

Learning in your region

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