Sixth form colleges - pay background

Pay and conditions for 2016

Agreement was reached by the NJC for Sixth Form Colleges in early 2015 on the implementation of a new pay and appraisal framework for SFCs from September 2016. That agreement provided for the implementation of a revised pay structure with specified pay scales intended to restore comparability with schoolteachers' pay at both the minimum and maximum of the scales.

The trade union pay submission for 2016, therefore, simply calls on the employers' side to ensure that the pay structure set out in the agreement is implemented form September 2016 on the basis agreed and with reference to the pay ranges for schoolteachers from September 2016 when they are determined. If the revised schoolteacher pay scales are known in time, we hope to meet with the SFC at the end of July, but it is possible that this may have to be delayed until September.

  • You can read the submission in full here.

Sixth Form College Pay Agreement 2015-16

On Monday 8 February, the Staff Side unions reached agreement with representatives of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, the colleges' national body, regarding pay for sixth form college teachers from 1 September 2015.

At the meeting, SFCA representatives made a pay offer of 1% on all scale points and allowances from 1 September 2015. The Staff Side representatives welcomed the improved offer which met the requirements of the pay claim and therefore for the conclusion of this year's pay negotiations. The three unions considered the offer through their internal procedures and the Staff Side has agreed to accept the pay offer.

The Staff Side has advised the SFCA that acceptance of the offer does not change the Staff Side's view that a 1% increase is inadequate to meet current cost pressures, let alone restore teachers' pay to appropriate levels. The Staff Side unions remain committed to higher pay for all teachers including sixth form college teachers for the longer term.

Sixth Form College Pay Negotiations 2015-16

The Staff Side unions met representatives of the Sixth Form Colleges Association, the colleges' national body, on Friday 20 November to continue discussions on sixth form college teachers' pay and conditions.

National Joint Council statement July 2015

The Staff Side of the National Joint Council have released a new statement about the pay increase 2015-16 negotiations.

Pay and conditions submission for 2015

This submission sets out the NJC's views on pay for teachers in sixth form colleges for 2015-16. 

Pay and Progression Framework for Sixth Form Colleges

A new pay framework for teachers in sixth form colleges was formally endorsed by the national negotiating body in late 2015. Following that endorsement, the teacher unions and SFCA have been working on joint guidance on the new structure. That guidance has now been sent to principals of sixth form colleges and is available from the teacher unions to their representatives and members. 

The guidance is now available below:

National Joint Council statement March 2015

The National Joint Council have released a new statement on the Pay and Progression Framework for Sixth Form Colleges.

Pay and progression framework for sixth form colleges from September 2015

In November 2014, a new pay and progression framework was agreed (subject to formal ratification) by the unions and the employers in the sixth form college (SFC) sector.

ATL strongly supports the retention of a national pay framework for teachers in SFCs which will continue to provide for national pay scales with established pay points, and which will restore competitiveness with the schools sector at the minimum and maximum of the scales. However, there will now be a need to produce detailed provisions to implement the proposed framework.

The framework awaits final ratification by the National Joint Council for staff in sixth form colleges, and it is the employers' intention it starts in September 2015, allowing for progression and transfer to the new pay scales in September 2016.

Proposal by SFCA to change the national pay, progression and conditions framework

ATL has consulted reps (and members in colleges with no current rep) on the proposal by the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) to change the national pay, progression and conditions framework. The trade unions and the SFCA are now consulting with their respective members on the proposal. ATL believes that the proposal has raised fundamental issues that members now need to consider and help steer ATL's position.

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