Sixth form colleges - pay background

National Joint Council statement March 2015

The National Joint Council have released a new statement on the Pay and Progression Framework for Sixth Form Colleges.

Pay and progression framework for sixth form colleges from September 2015

In November 2014, a new pay and progression framework was agreed (subject to formal ratification) by the unions and the employers in the sixth form college (SFC) sector.

ATL strongly supports the retention of a national pay framework for teachers in SFCs which will continue to provide for national pay scales with established pay points, and which will restore competitiveness with the schools sector at the minimum and maximum of the scales. However, there will now be a need to produce detailed provisions to implement the proposed framework.

The framework awaits final ratification by the National Joint Council for staff in sixth form colleges, and it is the employers' intention it starts in September 2015, allowing for progression and transfer to the new pay scales in September 2016.

Proposal by SFCA to change the national pay, progression and conditions framework

ATL has consulted reps (and members in colleges with no current rep) on the proposal by the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) to change the national pay, progression and conditions framework. The trade unions and the SFCA are now consulting with their respective members on the proposal. ATL believes that the proposal has raised fundamental issues that members now need to consider and help steer ATL's position.

September 2014 pay increased accepted

ATL and the joint unions have accepted the Sixth Form Colleges Association offer of a 1% increase on all points and allowances from 1 September 2014.

Up-to-date pay scales can be found here.

September 2013 pay increased accepted

ATL and the joint unions have accepted the Sixth Form Colleges Association offer of a pay increase of 1% on all scale points and allowances from September 2013.

ATL's decision followed a consultation of representatives who were unanimously in favour of acceptance. A joint union statement has been published.

The unions and the SFCA have agreed to establish a joint working party to consider wider issues relating to pay parity and the pay framework in sixth form colleges. The working party will look at a range of factors including:

  • recruitment and retention data
  • current labour market trends
  • the issue of pay levels and conditions of service in comparator groups
  • the relationship between pay and performance in the sixth form colleges pay structure
  • the financial and economic context.

The working party will convene and conclude its discussions in time to inform pay negotiations in 2014, and ATL representatives will have the opportunity to discuss the relevant issues at a meeting in London on 27 November.

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