Soulbury Committee background

ATL members who work as education advisers for local education authorities are likely to be employed on terms and conditions determined by the Soulbury Committee.

The report by the Soulbury Committee on the salary scales and conditions of service for Soulbury officers can be downloaded here.

Soulbury Pay 2012

In July the union side of the Soulbury Committee submitted a claim for 'a significant increase on all Soulbury pay scale points and the London allowances from 1 September 2012 ' and for 'joint discussions leading to joint guidance in respect of a number of conditions of service issues'.

At a meeting held on 23 October, the national employers refused to make a pay offer for 2012. The Soulbury unions expressed their strong disappointment at that decision. The employers have, however, agreed to a series of joint discussions on issues of concern for the unions, including annual leave and TOIL, car user allowances, workload, job evaluation and the abandonment of Soulbury terms and conditions by some authorities.

The Soulbury Committee

The Soulbury Committee covers approximately 6,000 staff including educational inspectors and advisers, educational psychologists, and youth and community service officers, and has its own pay scales.

In addition to the annual pay increase, this committee determines the national salary framework. On other conditions of service issues, the Soulbury agreement ensures that Soulbury officers have conditions which are not less favourable than other local government staff employed in the authority they work in.

Local authorities are able to use their discretion as to where they appoint on the Soulbury scale, but the Soulbury Committee have issued advice and guidance on where different levels of adviser posts should be placed on the pay scale with recommended minimum lowest points.

In 2000-01, the committee agreed a framework for structured professional assessment which involves officers being able to apply to their chief education officer to receive either one or two additional pay points on the Soulbury pay spine.

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