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The latest meeting of the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme Negotiating Group (STPSNG) took place on 28 February in Edinburgh.

We are now awaiting receipt of written documents outlining the impact of those discussions on our negotiations with the Scottish Government. The next meeting of the STPSNG is scheduled for 21 March and we will keep members updated as and when we have substantive news to give you.

STPS employee contribution rate increases - effective April 2013

The Scottish Government today laid before Parliament the necessary statutory instruments to increase the employee contribution rates for the STSS from April 2013. Despite opposition from all the teachers' unions the Scottish Government following consultation still saw fit to adopt the increase initiated by the UK government:

Full time equivalent contributable salary band Contribution Rate 01/04/13 to 31/03/14
Below £15,000 6.4%
£15,000 to £25,999 7.0%
£26,000 to £31,999 7.9%
£32,000 to £39,999 8.8%
£40,000 to £44,999 9.2%
£45,000 to £74,999 10.1%
£75,000 to £99,999 10.6%
£100,000 and above 11.2%

'My pension' online service

The SSPA's "My Pension - Online Member Services" for members of the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme can be accessed via the 'teachers' page on the SPPA website. Here, members can:

  • view their 2011 (and subsequent) pension benefit statements online
  • use the online calculators to estimate their pension and lump sum options
  • contact SPPA online with any pension or benefit statement queries.


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