ATL Conference 2010

ATL's 2010 Conference is taking place from Monday 29 to Wednesday 31 March at Manchester Central.

Keynote speakers include ATL National President Lesley Ward, ATL General Secretary Dr Mary Bousted, Education Secretary Ed Balls, Shadow Education Secretary Michael Gove and Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson David Laws.

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For more information about what's happening in Manchester, download the conference agenda. Details of the resolutions to be debated by Conference can be found in the individual session pages accessible from the right hand column.

More about Conference

Conference is the main policy-making body of ATL. Conference debates and then passes policy resolutions that are implemented by the Executive Committee. Conference and ATL are governed by the Constitution and Rules, which can be changed only by Conference itself.

Up to 600 members make up Conference include ATL's Executive Committee, together with representatives elected by the branches. The number of representatives each branch can send to Conference depends on the number of members it has.


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