Current surveys

ATL often runs surveys to get a snapshot of member opinion and to help inform ATL's policies and negotiations.

Our current surveys are shown below.

Zero-hours contracts

ATL is seeking member views on zero-hours contracts to help formulate a response to the government's current consultation. ATL believes such contracts, particularly in FE and HE, have been detrimental to the professional status of staff and have been a factor in the lowering of pay and conditions in both sectors.

If you are currently or have ever worked on a zero-hours contract or wish to comment on the issue then please complete our survey at by 2 March 2014. The government's consultation closes on 13 March and a copy of our response will be posted in the responses section of this website shortly after this.

More ways to get involved

If you would like to find out how you can get more involved and tell us what you think about other aspects of our work, follow any of the links in the 'see also' list to the right of this page.


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