Current surveys

ATL often runs surveys to get a snapshot of member opinion and to help inform ATL's policies and negotiations.

Teacher pay survey

Now that progression and cost of living increases are linked to the outcome of performance appraisals it is essential that ATL has as complete a picture as possible about how this is being implemented in schools. The responses to this survey will feed directly into the evidence that ATL submits to the School Teachers' Review Body early next year. Your national pay scale is at stake.

Please complete the survey by 14 February 2016.

Support staff survey 2015

ATL is conducted a survey of its support staff members. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete, and includes sections on:

  • your pay and hours
  • workload
  • redundancies
  • pupil allegations
  • disruptive behaviour
  • cover supervision
  • performance management
  • SEN
  • ATL CPD opportunities
  • ATL and you.

The results from the survey will provide valuable information for ATL's ongoing programme of work on behalf of our support staff members in maintained, academy and free schools, as well as assisting the process of ATL policy development on support staff-related matters.

The closing date is 5pm on Monday 30th November. Complete the survey here.


44,000 people responded to the government's workload survey last year. ATL intends to hold government to their promises to reduce your workload, whilst also supporting you to make changes in your workplace.

ATL is conducting an extensive survey to inform our forthcoming workload campaign. Please complete the survey for where you live, below (or the seperate leadership survey if you are an AMiE member). Some questions reference the Ofsted's 'Myths and facts for Schools' document.

We would like as many people as possible to complete the survey by Monday, 19 October, but it will remain active for a long time after this date so that we can build as large an evidence base for our campaign as possible.

Other ways to get involved

If you would like to find out how you can get more involved and tell us what you think about other aspects of our work, follow any of the links in the 'see also' list to the right of this page.


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