Teacher professionalism

"To work with children, the chance to be creative in my work daily, to make learning fun and interesting, to help children feel cared for and supported at school – that's professionalism to me." (ATL member, survey on professionalism, November 2010)

Teachers are among the key guardians of education. It is vital that teachers' voices are the driving force for educational improvement and development, particularly at a time when the education system faces so many challenges and conflicting pressures.

Perceptions of teaching are key to education policy. ATL's view of teaching is far wider than a short-term political concept of it as a 'craft'. Our members know that teachers need to innovate, to be able to support children and young people's learning through an ever-changing society. That innovation is driven by a professionalism based on critical and effective self-reflection, professional autonomy and respect for the role.

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  • ATL's position statement on teacher professionalism
  • ATL's Teacher knows best campaign page
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