ATL responds: Northern Ireland

ATL responds to consultations from the Northern Ireland Executive and other agencies. To view these responses please follow the links below.

2013 responses

  • DEL Review of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Infrastructure
  • DE Proposed changes to the Formal Intervention Process
  • DEL Review of Apprenticeships
  • Education Committee (NI Assembly) Endorsed GTC paper "Striking the Right Balance: Accountability for 21st Century Schools" Carmel Gallagher et al
  • Education Committee (W'minster) Inquiry into underachievement of White Working Class Children Sent cover-note and Purvis 'Call to Action'
  • DE Learning to Learn (0-6) response

2012 responses

  • Response to Strategic Area Plans
  • Ministerial Working Group Response re Shared Education
  • NI Assembly Response to draft Education Bill
  • WELB Response to Area Plan
  • DE Reporting & Assessment
  • DE Salisbury Review (AMiE)
  • DE Salisbury Review (ATL)
  • OFMDFM Draft Programme for Government 2011-15, Feb 2012
  • DETI N.I. Economic Strategy, Feb 2012
  • OFMDFM Dissolution of DEL, March 2012

2011 responses

  • DE GCSE Reform
  • DE Response to proposed increases to contributions for members of the NITSS
  • DE Response to Proposal to introduce Flat Rate pay for returning Prematurely Retired Teachers (Common Funding Scheme for LMS)
  • CCEA Response to proposals on Controlled Assessment
  • DE Draft Budget 2011-15
  • Strabane Academy IBoG Response to Management Structure

2010 responses

  • SEN Proposals (ESaGS)
  • NICCE Catholic Education for All
  • DE Lisanelly Campus (Omagh) Consultation, July
  • DE Review of Teacher Education
  • DE Review of Early Years
  • Lord Hutton Public Sector Pensions
  • DEL Draft STEM Strategy
  • DE Review of Teacher Education (in a climate of change)
  • DE Draft Early Years (0-6) Strategy
  • OFMDFM CSI (Cohesion, Sharing & Integration)
  • DE CRED (Community Relations, Equality & Diversity)
  • Dawn Purvis Educational Disadvantage and the Protestant Working Class
  • BMC College Improvement Plan & Redundancy Consultation
  • DE Regulations on School Development Planning

2009 responses

2008 responses

  • Every School a Good School (Literacy / Numeracy)
  • Every school a good school: a policy for school improvement

  • Building a better future
  • DE School Workforce Review
  • RPA Paper 21 Sectoral Support Bodies
  • Response to the Programme for Government 2008-11
  • Response to the Ministerial Vision
  • Post Primary Transfer: consultation response
  • NICCE consultation on East Antrim Reorganisation schools
  • Post Primary Reorganisation (Fermanagh)

2007 responses

  • DE consultation on sustainable schools
  • DE EMAS consultation
  • NICCE consultation on Fermanagh Post Primary schools reorganisation
  • CCEA consultation on InCAS
  • CCEA consultation on assessment
  • NEELB Maghera School Closure development plan

2006 responses

  • DE draft education order
  • NFER consultation on mainstreaming equality
  • DE consultation on extended schools
  • Response to DEL Profession & Technical proposals (apprenticeship at L2 & L3)

2005 responses

  • DEL consultation on Union Learning Fund
  • DE/NI review of public administration (RPA, general)


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