An Intelligent Look at Emotional Intelligence

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ISBN: 1 902466 42 X
Code: PED14
Pages: 36
Published: June 2005

As attitudes shift to a more human and humane view of what education should be about, Professor Guy Claxton provides a timely and thought-provoking critique of 'emotional intelligence' and 'emotional literacy', issues which are gaining increasing currency and popularity. This publication sheds light on a complex but 'fuzzy' concept. It provides teachers, lecturers and education professionals with a clear insight into how emotions in everyday learning are vital to the well-being of individuals and communities.

An Intelligent Look at Emotional Intelligence is a challenging document. It cuts through the rhetoric and serves as a valuable, academic assessment of how emotions are increasingly being displayed in the classroom and the playground. Professor Claxton, as a psychologist, shares his wide knowledge on this cutting-edge subject and, as an academic, reminds us that we must continually apply a rigorous, critical faculty in approaching emotional intelligence.


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