An Intelligent Look at Emotional Intelligence

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ISBN: 1 902466 42 X
Code: PED14
Pages: 36
Published: June 2005

As attitudes shift to a more human and humane view of what education should be about, Professor Guy Claxton provides a timely and thought-provoking critique of 'emotional intelligence' and 'emotional literacy', issues which are gaining increasing currency and popularity. This publication sheds light on a complex but 'fuzzy' concept. It provides teachers, lecturers and education professionals with a clear insight into how emotions in everyday learning are vital to the well-being of individuals and communities.

An Intelligent Look at Emotional Intelligence is a challenging document. It cuts through the rhetoric and serves as a valuable, academic assessment of how emotions are increasingly being displayed in the classroom and the playground. Professor Claxton, as a psychologist, shares his wide knowledge on this cutting-edge subject and, as an academic, reminds us that we must continually apply a rigorous, critical faculty in approaching emotional intelligence.

Since this publication was printed there have been changes to government and to some of the programmes and other contexts discussed. However, the theory and practice is still relevant in today's classrooms.


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