Supporting Education: the Role of Higher Level Teaching Assistants

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ISBN: 1 902466 49 7
Code: PED15
Pages: 54
Published: December 2005

This publication brings together relevant national guidance on higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) and real-life examples, offering a picture of HLTAs working with teachers to support high quality learning and teaching. It gives details of the workload agreement, which paved the way for greater involvement of support staff in the delivery of education, the HLTA standards (which set out what an HLTA should know, understand and be able to do) and how HLTAs work in practice.

Written by HLTA trainer Marion Woodward and ATL's Andy Peart, this publication is essential reading not only for HLTAs but also for teachers, headteachers and other support staff who deliver education in schools.


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