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All Supply News e-newsletters published by ATL can be found on this page, ordered by date.


Summer - news about the next supply CPD and networking day and the new supply model taskforce for Wales.

Spring - this issue looks at ATL's Supply Teacher Charter and the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) Factsheet.


Summer - This issues looks at New Supply CPD and Networking Day, ATL Cymru giving evidence to the Welsh Assembly and answers members' pensions queries.

Spring - includes information about a new supply CPD and networking day and information on the ATL's Supply Teacher Charter.


Autumn - includes coverage of the supply CPD and networking day held in London and two new Supply CPD and networking days being planned for early 2015.

Summer - includes supply CPD and Networking Day, ATL Summer Conferences, Department for Education (DfE) advice on the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

Spring - includes details of a supply teachers' charter, a guide to supply teaching, and one member calling on everyone to stand up to Ofsted.


Winter - includes details of a recent CPD day, the TPS and agency pension contributions and letters from members.

Summer - details of the next supply CPD day, an update about teaching qualifications and letters from ATL members.

Spring - updates on the Disclosure and Barring Service, and all the latest from a CPD training day for supply teachers.


Autumn - updates on CPD in Cambridgeshire and Wolverhampton and dates for training in the new year, plus letters from members and a round-up of supply issues in the news.

Summer - new dates and details for forthcoming CPD courses, a report from Annual Conference, and positive feedback from a trainee.

Spring - includes details a CPD day in York, the handy new supply checklist to present to management when you start an assignment, and members' letters.


Autumn - reports of successful CPD, letters from members, and the facts about agency working.

Summer - includes details of ATL's training day for supply members and a supply teacher's checklist.

Spring - update on pensions, and news of a supply teachers' charter.


Autumn - news from 'A voice for supply teachers', an event held in Manchester over the summer.

Summer - news from the first ever ATL CPD aimed at supply teacher members.


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