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All Support Staff News e-newsletters published by ATL can be found on this page, ordered by date.


September 2016 - find out about ATL's CPD courses and the new workload book from ATL.

August 2016 - new members of the Support Staff Members Advisory Group, results of the SEND survey and discounts for CPD.

April 2016 - pay negotiations for 2016-18, an update from the Examination Officers' Association (EOA) and details about the Support Staff Members Advisory Group (SSMAG) elections.

March 2016 - apply to become a member of ATL's Support Staff Members Advisory Group (SSMAG), maintained and academy sector pay 2016-18 and support the 38 Degrees e-campaign for a national salary for TAs & HLTAs and the TA standards back.

February 2016 - Maintained and academy sector pay update, public sector apprenticeship targets and ATL CPD.

January 2016 - Book for the support staff conference, information about pay scales and Mary Bousted's blog.


September 2015 - TUC survey on job insecurity, a new SSMAG member and updates on pay and CPD.

February 2015 - Exciting news from Open University, Soulbury Pay, CPD, SSMAG minutes.

January 2015 - SSMAG vacancy, CPD events and ATL Future.


December 2014 - more on next year's exciting conferences, plus details of the new pay spine.

December 2014 - support staff conference correction bulletin.

November 2014 - a conference special looking ahead at the two support staff conferences in 2015.

August 2014 - includes information on further strike action called by Unison, GMB and Unite and Soulbury pay 2014/15.

June 2014 - the latest on ATL's Shape Education campaign and information about the summer conferences.

March 2014 - the latest on local government pay and ways to join in with ATL's Shape Education campaign.

January 2014 - updates on the local government pay claim for 2014/15, the last meeting of the Support Staff Members Advisory Group, plus a new advice sheet on classroom observation.


July 2013 - a brief update on local government pay and the Support Staff Members' Advisory Group.

April 2013 - updates on maintained sector pay, and classroom observation and appraisals.

March 2013 - information for support staff at ATL's 2013 Conference, plus details about term-time only (TTO) contracts and sick pay entitlement.


November 2012 - News on local government and Soulbury pay for 2012/13, plus ATL's Supporting Yourself course and a survey on school libraries.

May 2012 - find out how to apply to become a member of ATL's Support Staff Members Advisory Group (SSMAG), plus an update on LGPS negotiations and Supporting Yourself training.

March 2012  - updates on maintained sector pay and the ongoing negotiations on LGPS.


November 2011 - the results of the pensions ballot and news about the day of action on 30 November.

September 2011 - with the latest on negotiations regarding the Local Government Pension Scheme and ATL training for support staff members.

June 2011 - includes a request for information about pay changes and a vacancy in ATL's Support Staff Members Advisory Group.

May 2011 - with details of the industrial action ballot.

January 2011 - including details of the government's decision to scrap the School Support Staff Negotiating body.


October 2010 - details of the recent Support Staff Members Working Group and new dates for Supporting Yourself courses.

August 2010 - feedback from the Examination Officers Association conference and news on pay and car mileage allowances.

July 2010 - including pay and a members' survey.


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