A Guide for Supply Teachers

ATL Guide to Supply - August 2012

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ISBN: 1 902 466 66 7
Code: PE38
Pages: 24
Published: March 2014

Over the years, supply (substitute in Northern Ireland) teachers have made an unquestionable valuable contribution to the smooth running of schools and the raising of standards within them. Yet supply teaching is potentially more complex than teaching as a permanent member of staff.

For supply teachers who come via an agency, the legal terms under which they are employed are sometimes all too ambiguous. ATL offers this guide as advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls and how to establish a good working relationship with schools whilst protecting, as far as possible, your employment rights.

The guide is in three parts: the first section deals with the technical issues before you start supply work, the second section covers practical points both before you arrive at your supply school and when you start, and the third section deals with pay and other issues such as insurance which might be relevant once you have started work.


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