Report September 2012

ATL president Alice Robinson


Outgoing ATL president Alice Robinson highlights the key content from this month's Report.


Cloud hanging over teacher's head

Ofsted requires improvement

As the dark cloud of yet another Ofsted inspection regime descends on classrooms, Report explains ATL's alternative vision for school improvement

ATL president Hank Roberts

Meet the president

After an already long and eventful union career, Hank Roberts is about to become ATL president. Oonagh Hayes met him to find out more

Young man works at laptop

In the learning zone

ATL learning and development manager Kate Quigley introduces the new online learning zone and what the new training programme has to offer

Help and advice

Girl with hand up

The first five minutes

ATL trainer and author Hywel Roberts explains methods of getting children hooked into lessons quickly

Dish of coins

Pay to claim

The government now says you have to pay more to go to an employment tribunal. ATL solicitor Elizabeth Doherty explains what this could mean for you

Join the debate

Dr Mary Bousted, ATL general secretary

Victorian values

Academies being able to employ unqualified staff is another step towards the Victorian education the coalition seem to crave, says ATL general secretary Mary Bousted

Children look at teacher

Employee rights and wrongs

ATL has joined the TUC in its campaign against a stealth attack on your employment rights. Oonagh Hayes explains the changes affecting ATL members

Illustration of screening of Hitchcock

A class in Hitchcock

Creative director for the British Film Institute, Heather Stewart, puts forward the case for studying film in the curriculum alongside the existing arts

Northern Ireland

Is inspection in Northern Ireland changing for the worse?


Inspectors are viewed as mysterious men in black


Teachers in Wales have neither love nor hate for Estyn

Ofsted cloud hanging over teacher's head


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