All research and debate publications

Below is a list of all of ATL's research and debate publications.

A Learner's Curriculum: Towards a curriculum for the 21st century

A is for Austerity

ATL's Charter for Education

Coming Full Circle: The impact of New Labour's education policies on primary school teachers' work

Digital Technology and Social Media

Diverse Futures, Equal Chances: Funding ethnic minority achievement in education

England's Schools: Not open for business

Gender in Education 3 - 19: A fresh approach

Grades of Uncertainty - Reviewing the uses and misuses of examination results

Here Because of the Children - executive summary

Inside the Foundation Stage: Recreating the reception year (full report)

Inside the Foundation Stage: Recreating the reception year (summary)

It's Like Mixing Colours: How young people view their learning within the context of the key stage 3 national strategy

Level Best? Levels of attainment in national curriculum assessment

New Teachers, Owed or Owing? The myths and realities of debt for NQTs

Standards in Primary Schools - Are they rising?

Strategy or Strait-jacket? Teachers' views on the English and mathematics strands of the Key Stage 3 National Strategy

Subject to Change: New thinking on the curriculum

Teachers as Collaborative Professionals - A survey of the views of ATL members

Teachers and Government: A history of intervention in education

The Future of State Educatio: How everything you value is disappearing

The Middle Tier: A voice from the profession

Work, Work, Work! Students' perceptions of study and work-life balance issues under Curriculum 2000


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