Subject to Change: New thinking on the curriculum

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ISBN: 1 902466 58 6
Code: PR30
Pages: 148
Published: May 2007

The school curriculum goes to the heart of our conception of ourselves as a civilised society. And yet the current national curriculum is locked into a subject-based mould that is not fit for the 21st century and leads to a disengagement with learning for many of our young people.

This forward-looking publication addresses how we develop a curriculum that will engage the interests and aspirations of current and future generations. It argues for a skills-based curriculum, with content designed by teachers, working in their local communities, who are best placed to develop the abilities of their pupils. Such an approach would require that national assessment be delayed until the end of compulsory education at age 16.

This transformation of the curriculum would result, the book suggests, in higher educational standards, as pupils would be more highly motivated and engaged. It would also re-professionalise teachers, giving them back the authority and responsibility to develop curricula.

In what is a thoughtful read that asks searching questions and provide serious arguments, the book concludes that we must act now to radically change our approach to what we teach and how we assess if we are to remain a competitive nation in the globalised economy.


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