About online learning

At ATL, we want to make sure that all members can access learning and development. Online learning is an effective way of learning that allows you to learn from any location at any time.

ATL's online courses are all delivered through a web-based learning environment called Moodle (as used by the Open University).

Group activities take place using an online forum, which learners can log onto whenever it is convenient.

Online courses are run in a similar way to classroom courses. They involve a mixture of discussion-based activities, workplace tasks and individual project work. Online discussions are based around the activities and involve sub-groups of the class. They are facilitated by a tutor.

Although reps are not required to log in at specific times, they do need to complete activities on a regular basis in accordance with a timetable set by the tutor at the beginning of the course. The courses cannot be completed individually.

For all ATL online courses, we would expect you to:

  • study between five and seven hours a week
  • work with any groups you are asked to join
  • access the web and email at least three times a week
  • complete tasks, workplace activities and coursework on time.

Online courses are delivered by ATL tutors based in further education colleges nationwide and are run in line with the college academic year. Core courses are delivered each term.

What IT skills will I need?

No advanced IT skills are required for ATL online courses. All you need are basic keyboard and mouse skills. All reps are required to have completed an assessment to prepare them for the course.