Pay progression

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Pay and pensions
02 November 2016
Pay progression for teachers in maintained schools in England and Wales is determined by the outcome of your annual performance appraisal.

All eligible teachers are entitled to progress to the next point on the pay scale on 1 September each year.

All schools are required to have a pay policy and you should check this to see how progression is agreed in your school. Your school should also have a pay scale – most schools have retained the six-point main pay scale and three-point upper pay scale. The unions have created a recommended pay scale.

A teacher can be moved from the main pay scale to the upper pay scale with effect from 1 September. There is no statutory requirement for a teacher to be at the top of the main pay scale or to submit an application but you should check the pay policy to see how the process operates in your school. 

Denial of progression

Progression is not automatic and it is possible that if your performance has not been satisfactory that you will not progress. The DfE has made it clear that denial of progression should not be a surprise to the teacher and so ATL would expect that this would have been brought to your attention during the year. If you are denied progression then you may wish to consider making an appeal. Your school pay policy will tell you how to appeal.

It is not possible for a teacher in a maintained school in England or Wales to be moved down the pay scale while they remain at the same school. If you change schools then you will need to negotiate your salary.