Salary safeguarding

Pay and pensions
20 February 2017
If your salary is reduced by your employer you may be eligible for safeguarding.

Your salary is eligible for up to three years of safeguarding if your salary is reduced as a result of the closure of your school or a restructuring within your existing school.

The following are common reasons for safeguarding:

  • the removal or reduction in value of a TLR payment
  • the removal of a SEN allowance
  • the removal or reduction of an unqualified teachers allowance.

The start of safeguarding

The start date of your safeguarding period is determined by when you are told of the reduction in your salary

If you are informed between:

  • 1 September and 31 December, the safeguarding period starts from 1 January
  • 1 January and 31 March, the safeguarding period starts from 1 April
  • 1 April and 31 August, the safeguarding period starts from 1 September.

The end of safeguarding

Your safeguarding will remain in place for three years unless one of the following occurs beforehand:

  • you change pay scales (ie move from or onto the main payscale, leadership group or become an excellent or advanced skills teacher)
  • you are placed on a higher point on the pay scale which increases your salary more than the safeguarded sum
  • you leave the school.

Additional duties

If the safeguarded sum is in excess of £500 you may be required to undertake an additional duty to retain the safeguarded sum.

Refusal to undertake the additional duty may result in the safeguarded sum being removed. The additional duty should be appropriate to a teacher and should not attract a TLR payment.

Need further advice?

Your first point of contact is your ATL/AMiE rep in your school or college. Your local ATL/AMiE branch is also available to help with queries, or you can contact AMiE's member advisors on tel: 0345 8118111 or email us. Please have your membership number to hand when telephoning and include it with any correspondence - this will help us to answer your query more quickly.