TPS pension contribution rates

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Pay and pensions
21 February 2017
The member contribution bands are updated each April, although the percentage rates themselves change less frequently. Please see the table below to check your current rate.

If your salary changes from one month to another, there may also be changes in the contribution rate you pay for your pension. There are six bands and the contribution rate for each band is listed below.

From 1 April 2015, your contribution rate is based on your actual pensionable earnings. This means that part-time teachers pay contributions based on their pensionable earnings rather than the full time equivalent salary (FTE).

Annual Salary Rate from 1 April 2017 Annual Salary Rate 1 April 2018 Contribution Rate
Up to £26,259.99 Up to £27,047.99 7.4%
£26,260 to £35,349.99 £27,048 to £36,410.99 8.6%
£35,350 to £41,914.99 £36,411 to £43,171.99 9.6%
£41,915 to £55,549.99  £43,172 to £57,216.99 10.2%
£55,550 to £75,749.99 £57,217 to £78,022.99 11.3%
£75,750 and above £78,023 and above 11.7%