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Your workload campaign: moving forward

Once you have assessed the viability of a workload campaign in your workplace and gathered key data, you and your colleagues can move the campaign forward.

Your workload campaign: putting the plan into action

You and your colleagues should start assessing the viability of a workload campaign in your workplace.

Data and workload

Having difficulties with data? Here's what our members said about the issue.

Reducing the negative effects of workload: tackling stress

We all experience pressure regularly, it can motivate us to perform at our best. It is when we experience too much pressure and feel unable to cope that stress can result.

Parent evening and open days

Strong relationships with the parents of pupils and students are important. Parents and teachers both want the children to do well and should work together, not against each other.

Working hours

Intended to safeguard the health and safety of employees, the 1998 Working Time Regulations include a number of provisions to protect almost all workers from excessive working hours.


Since September 2009 teachers have only been able to cover for absent colleagues 'rarely'. In reality this means teachers should not be covering for known absences or absences that could be foreseen.

PPA time

The Workload Agreement guarantees teachers in maintained schools in England and Wales ten per cent of their timetabled teaching to be set aside as preparation, planning and assessment (PPA) time during the school day.

Time management: making more time for the things that count

The modern concept of time management is 'the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities'.


Why kind of problems around meetings increase workload and cause issues? Here's what our members said.