ATL publications and resources

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ATL publishes a wide range of useful publications - all completely free for ATL members.

As the education union, ATL knows the importance of providing authoritative, relevant and practical information to benefit our members both professionally and personally.

About our publications

ATL is unrivalled in the range and quality of its free printed and downloadable guidance and advice. Choose from:

  • classroom practice publications which can help demonstrate learning through reading and evaluation in your performance management

  • employment advice publications on key areas such as bullying, violence and assaults, and maternity and flexible working

  • research publications which debate the major topics in education, for example the future of the national curriculum

  • trainee and NQ publications which provide key advice and information for trainee and NQ members embarking on a teaching career.

AMiE publications

AMiE have created a range of publications aimed at education leaders and managers, including the popular 'How to survive at the top' series. For details, see the AMiE website.

About our factsheets

These downloadable advice sheets cover key topics such as cyberbullying, school closures and discipline - for a full list, visit our factsheets page.

ATL also produces a comprehensive series of documents giving information on your pension, which can be downloaded or ordered in hard copy. For details, visit our pensions section.

Newsletters and Report magazine

To keep members up to date with member news as well as what is going on in education, ATL regularly produces a number of periodicals:

Posters and recruitment flyers

A wealth of recruitment materials is available online - including order forms for hard copies.

ATL's campaign posters are also available for use in your staffroom or on your college noticeboard.