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Managing Extreme Behaviour online

01 September 2017 to 27 July 2018
The course will show you how to manage young people with specific behaviour needs; if you want to improve the behaviour of your most tricky students, then enroll today!

Level 2 safeguarding for schools online

01 September 2017 to 27 July 2018
The content is multi-media, with video, articles, wikis and forums. There are a number of quizzes, which are designed to test your engagement with the course as you progress through the chapters. At the end of the course, you will create a safeguarding resource that you can use in your own classroom, share with colleagues and the wider audience. The course includes exclusive video and audio content and is supported by our team of expert safeguarding trainers.

Dealing with redundancies (London)

21 June 2018
This one day course will help you to feel more confident about handling individual and collective redundancy situations in the workplace.

FE Research Meet - NEU North West & Ashton Sixth Form College

21 June 2018
A "Research Meet" for those working in further education. This event allows practitioners to share work and collaborate sharing best practice.

Raising achievement amongst white, working-class boys

21 June 2018
The undisputed data: White, working-class boys underperform in our education system. This event looks at the reasons behind this stark statistic and what we, as educators, can do about it.

Behaviour Leadership

23 June 2018
This free CPD is an in-depth and stimulating look at how and why students behave the way they do and what we, as educators, can do to improve their behaviour.

Union Learning Rep stage 3 (York)

26 June 2018
ULRs specialise in advising and supporting members with their continuing personal and professional development. They work closely with school/college members and management to identify ways to improve access and quality of current provision, as well as source new opportunities.

Gender Identity and Young People

26 June 2018
Guidance and advice on supporting and educating children on gender identity

Differentiation across the Curriculum

27 June 2018
Ensuring that every pupil in your class makes “rapid and sustained progress” can sometimes seem like an impossible task – especially when within your class there are pupils of widely differing abilities. How do you make sure “Clever Claire” is “stretched and challenged” while “Vulnerable Victor” is still struggling to copy down today’s date.

Tactile Collider

27 June 2018
Tactile Collider is a project that aims to make science accessible to all, including people with visual impairments. We invite educators to join us for a CPD session looking at how tactile maps, objects, sounds and technology can be used to enhance teaching.