Local CPD

Raising achievement amongst white, working-class boys

The undisputed data: White, working-class boys underperform in our education system. This event looks at the reasons behind this stark statistic and what we, as educators, can do about it.

English as an Additional Language

Supporting pupils for whom English is an Additional Language

Be kind to yourself: A practical session on how to be more compassionate and less self-critical of ourselves

We can often be understanding, kind and compassionate towards others, but we can be much harder and critical towards ourselves. Learning to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves leads to improved mental resilience, self-acceptance, calmness and wellbeing.

Preparing for Inspection

School Accountability – What next?

Inclusive Practice in the Classroom

This two-hour interactive session will look at the Standards v Inclusion debate, introducing the research and background of inclusion and following on to share best practice and look at strategies to encourage an inclusive classroom for all.

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher

This interactive workshop is for all teachers who want to be the best teacher they can be…not just a good teacher but a ‘brilliant teacher’!

West Sussex Free Dyslexia CPD and District and Branch meeting

Looking at the theory and practicalities of supporting learners with dyslexia.

Improving thinking in English

Writing is the most metacognitive area of English and learners can make average gains of an additional 9 months progress in years six and seven when teachers use a structured approach for writing development using self-regulation strategy (Torgerson and Torgerson, 2014). ‘Self-Regulated Strategy Development’ (SRSD) can be used across cohorts to teach most genres of writing. This session will provide practical strategies to develop learners’ metacognition and self-regulation in their writing.

Imposter Syndrome - Understanding and Overcoming It

During this CPD evening, we will be explaining what imposter syndrome is, and the psychology behind it, and then explore a range of tools and ideas for helping to overcome it and build your inner confidence.

Autism Live

Understand more about the life and culture of living with Autism