Local CPD

Engaging the Disengaged: Reconnecting Students and Learning

Engaging the Disengaged is a though provoking and interactive event that looks at how educators can begin to engage and rekindle the interest of their students with their own learning. ​ Employing enjoyable, stimulating and student-led learning ideas, this event investigates how and why some students turn off to learning and how we can use a few simple ideas to reinvigorate our classroom learning environment.

Suicide Prevention Awareness

This aims to increase awareness of suicide and help participants to understand why a person might consider suicide. This course will allow access to follow on training.

Top Tips for Learners with a Specific Learning Difficulty

This workshop gives you the tools to recognise the signs and indicators of learners with a SpLD and top tips to meet their specific learning needs through high quality teaching and creating an inclusive learning environment.

Growth Mindset

What is it, and how can it help build resilience and success? How to recognise it?

Gender Identity and Young People

Guidance and advice on supporting and educating children on gender identity

Being a Super Sub

Supply teaching can be one of the toughest roles in the profession. Teaching unfamiliar pupils in unfamiliar places and often even dealing with delivering unfamiliar subjects. This session is designed to share knowledge, techniques and resources to share that can turn you from supply to super substitute.

The Inclusive Classroom: A Conference for New Professionals

A free one-day conference for trainees and those in the first three years of teaching.

FE Researchmeet

Researchmeets are days FOR FE lecturers BY FE lecturers. This event aims to share and encourage research within the sector, and to support people on their research journey.