No improvement in pay offer for sixth form college teachers

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07 December 2017 by ATL
On Monday 4 December, 2017 the National Joint Council for Sixth Form Colleges Committee for Teaching Staff (Staff Side) met representatives of the Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA), the colleges’ national body, to resume discussions on the sixth form college teachers’ annual pay award from September 2017.

The Staff Side asserted strongly that information provided to the meeting about pay progression, workforce distribution and the reserves held by sixth form colleges showed that the Employers’ Side could increase the earlier pay offer of 1% on all scale points and allowances from 1 September 2017. It was emphasised that the increases for school teachers following the recommendations of the STRB provided an absolute minimum floor for discussions on sixth form college teachers’ pay.

The Employers’ Side responded that it was not able to increase the pay offer. The Staff Side expressed its deep disappointment and again rejected the offer as wholly inadequate. It was particularly disappointing that the Employers’ Side had not improved the offer more than two months after the previous meeting. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Employers’ Side would consider the points made by the Staff Side and that the Staff Side organisations would consult their members before pay negotiations resumed in January.

Staff Side Secretariat

December 2017