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02 November 2016 by ATL
We asked some of our trainee and NQ members to tell us why they joined ATL. Here's what they said.

Louise Atkinson thumbnail

"…for the fantastic CPD and publications that it offered. In the last year ATL has been a fabulous support to me both with workplace issues and developing me as a teacher; it is more than just a union." Louise

zoe cotton thumbnail

"…it provides great support and advice for all education professionals, not just teachers." Zoe

Joe Lord thumbnail

"…as a trainee teacher I am treated in the same way as a qualified teacher – I am kept up to date with local and national campaigns, have access to fantastic training courses, and, most importantly, I have a voice within the union and my views and opinions are listened to." Joe

Rachael thumbnail

"…for me, joining ATL was pure luck. As many NQTs do, I joined all of the unions when they visited my PGCE training provider. ATL was the only union to support me through my NQT year by providing valuable CPD and conference opportunities. It is a union that gives you a voice." Rachael

Nardia Thornton thumbnail

"…I signed up to a few teacher unions during my PGCE (mainly for free pens) but ATL was the union that stood out for the CPD it offers and that it appeared to truly value trainees." Nardia

Xavier thumbnail

"…after attending various ATL events and the 2016 Annual Conference I knew it was the right place to be. Everyone in ATL cares about education and making it better – for me it's about making sure we are giving our students the best chance possible to succeed and giving every member of staff the best conditions to provide this learning experience for the students: ATL shares these same values." Xavier

Huw thumbnail

"…it was the only union to reach out to me as a trainee. It took me seriously as a trainee right from the beginning. I not only feel involved in my union but I feel like I can have a say and be listened to at a national scale." Huw

Keren Townsend thumbnail

"…being in a trade union is vital for everyone working in schools, and ATL offered great CPD and really seemed to want to hear MY views, making me feel valued." Keren