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The ATL Trust Fund Ltd is a charitable fund formed to give confidential support and financial assistance. It is there to assist members in times of illness or hardship.

The Trust Fund can provide assistance to current members, former members and their dependents. This includes members of AMiE who qualify because they are associate members of ATL.

Student members are not eligible to apply. A teacher who is not or was not a member of ATL should contact their own union or the Teacher Support Network (TSN). TSN is an independent charity that also offers support and financial assistance. It can be contacted on 08000 562 561 (England) or 08000 855 088 (Wales), or you can text 07909 341229 and TSN will call back within the hour.

What types of financial assistance can the Trust Fund provide?

The Trust Fund has assisted members by providing grants towards:

  • nursing care costs and respite care
  • costs towards wheelchairs, chairlifts and stairlifts
  • funeral expenses
  • general living expenses arising through illness, loss of employment and relationship breakdowns
  • costs of journeys to hospital
  • short holiday breaks for recovery or recuperation
  • clothing grants for members' dependents.

Who makes the decision to award a grant?

The overall decision for the award of financial assistance lies with the Trust Fund trustees. The trustees consist of ATL's two honorary treasurers, two Executive Committee members and two independent trustees, who on average meet bi-termly to consider applications.

What is the process for awarding grants?

An application form must be completed in all cases. Grants cannot be approved either by phone or without the Trustees carefully considering a request for financial assistance. The application form is checked for details of:

  • income
  • expenditure
  • savings
  • employment details
  • household dependents and non-dependents.

In addition, two named referees are contacted (the family GP should not be used.) There is no appeals process in cases where an application for financial assistance is declined.

What types of grant are awarded?

Grants can be awarded to members either as a single payment or as a monthly amount for a period of either 6 or 12 months. In addition, 'termly' grants can be awarded to those who have children of school age to support every January, May and September. The decision on the type of grant rests with the Trustees.

How are grants paid to members?

Grants for general living expenses and help towards supporting children are usually paid direct to an applicant's bank account. Where a request for financial assistance includes work or goods supplied by an outside company or contractor, the administrator will request an estimate in the first instance and an invoice on completion.

What other help can the Trust Fund provide?

In addition to providing financial assistance, the ATL Trust Fund has a contract with TSN to provide members with financial advice. Applicants to the Trust Fund are given the opportunity to receive financial advice from TSN if, for example, they are in danger of losing their property or are in debt. The Trust Fund can also provide members with advice on welfare benefits and support for the unemployed, sick and disabled.

Please note: grants cannot be made specifically to repay debt, or rent or mortgage arrears, but the existence of such debt or arrears does not mean that an award may not be made for other purposes.

How do members apply to the ATL Trust Fund?

If you would like to apply to the ATL Trust Fund please save the trust fund application form to your computer, complete as required and email it to the email address on the form or post it to: Administrator, Trust Fund Ltd, 3rd Floor, 7 Northumberland Street, London WC2N 5RD.

Should you have any queries regarding the ATL Trust Fund, please call 020 7782 1573.

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