ATL's Further Education Sector Advisory Group

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This group exists to ensure that the many ATL members working in the further and higher education sector can inform policy by considering and advising ATL's Executive Committee and the Policy Council on all matters relating to working in the sectors, and by recommending and disseminating advice and best practice.

FESAG 2016-18

The group meets three times a year on a Saturday afternoon at ATL's Headquarters in London and the Sunday before ATL annual conference which is held at a regional location. FESAG is made up of nine standard elected members who are selected by Executive to represent the different parts of the post 16 sector and be geographically dispersed. FESAG also includes the lead members for FE and sixth form colleges from ATL's Executive Committee. FESAG has representative voices for universities, support staff, Welsh and Scottish members.

The following members were elected to sit on the group from September 2016 on a two year cycle:

  • Edward Loft (Chair; FE Lead Member)
  • Carol Redfearn (North East)
  • Colin Sawers (Midlands; AMiE; Support Lead Member)
  • Nick Barton (South West)
  • Allison Barnes (Eastern; HE Lead Member; ATL National Executive Member for Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire (Eastern Region) - 

    Lead member for Health & Safety, Chair of Awards Committee )

  • Eric Preston (Scotland)
  • Lesley Tipping (Wales; AMiE)
  • Gareth Fryar (North West)
  • Mike Pevitt  (North West)
  • James Snyder (London & South East)
  • Simon Holland (Midlands; Sixth Form Lead Member)
  • Amy Woodrow (South West, Trainee Teacher)

  • Shelagh Hirst (Officer)
  • Norman Crowther (National Official Post 16; Serving Secretary)
  • Lynn Swarbrick (Administrator)

Please contact administrator Lynn Swarbrick for any details regarding the working of the group. If you are interested in any aspect of the group or would wish to contribute to the group's work as a speaker on post 16 matters either as a member or as an interested observer please contact Norman Crowther, national official for post 16 education.

If you wish the group to consider issues relating to the post 16 sectors, please send your suggestions using the FESAG contact form.


FESAG is the advisory group for members in FE colleges, sixth forms, universities, adult and community learning, work based learning, and offender institutions across the UK. FESAG has actively worked in promoting issues within the sector and taking forward members' interests either via the working of the group or in conference resolutions.


FESAG is chaired by a lead member for post 16. FESAG has two participating officers from the Executive Committee, and the national official for post 16 education as the serving member of staff. Steven Crane, national official for pay and conditions, has a close working relationship to FESAG, but is not a member.

FESAG is at the heart of member involvement in post 16 education and is informed of ATL's involvement with national stakeholders, colleges, universities and government policies. FESAG can produce resolutions to conference, develop campaigns through ATL's cross departmental group, and develop ATL thinking.

FESAG hosts the FE Sector Zone at conference and has autonomy to develop the content of the session.

In this way the advisory group, through an open exchange of views at a chaired meeting, helps to take ATL forward in making decisions and future policy on major issues affecting ATL members in post 16 education.

FESAG remit

  • To consider and advise the Executive Committee and the Policy Council on all matters relating particularly to working in post-16 educational sectors, especially salaries and conditions of employment and to recommend and disseminate advice and best practice on all matters relating to post-16 sectors.
  • To advise on and participate in recruitment and organisation within the sectors.
  • To represent ATL with appropriate organisations.
  • To advise on and participate in relevant organisations to promote the interests of ATL.