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ATL is a modern trade union which puts the needs of its members at its heart. ATL's success as one of the fastest growing and influential education unions in the UK is mainly due to our members who take the time to get involved.

At this time of unprecedented change in education, your voice is needed now more than ever. Getting involved in ATL can start with putting up a poster in your workplace or letting others know what ATL can offer them.

You can take on a more active role by giving your views on education policy or representing your colleagues at local, regional or national level. Giving time to your union and your colleagues brings rewards – you'll be well informed about education issues and get to influence them.

You'll build up a strong network of contacts and open up career opportunities you hadn't even considered, and you'll receive first-class support from our staff and access to training courses to help build your skills. If you would like to find out more, read more about getting involved, email the organising team or call 020 7930 6441.

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ATL in your sector

As a modern trade union, ATL believes in the ethos of the education community and that the contribution of all staff is equally important. Consequently, ATL welcomes into membership all professionals working in education across the maintained, independent and further education sectors - from teachers and teaching assistants, support staff such as technicians and librarians, lecturers and education managers.

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ATL's national officials provide sector-specific support and advice to members working in the independent sector, in support and in Scotland.

Join now or call 0845 057 7000 (local rate)

An overview of what ATL offer: