Your rights as an ATL rep

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As an ATL rep, you have certain rights under employment law.

You are entitled to:

  • paid time off for union duties and training (see downloadable Word document outlining these rights below in the 'see also' box)
  • somewhere in your workplace to display ATL materials (ie noticeboard in staff room)
  • use of school or college facilities, such as photocopying of documents to share with members, use of email and telephone calls
  • the use of a room for meetings
  • full access to documentation affecting you and your members, eg job descriptions, staffing structures, pay and conditions of service documents, and local authority/employment policies that are in use in your workplace.

Further information on your rights is given in our Being an ATL rep course.

Political activities

Party political independence is the keystone of ATL policy. It is therefore vital that local representatives avoid any activities that could be construed as political, ie calculated to persuade others to vote (or not to vote) for a particular party or candidate. This does not include inviting local politicians to speak at a branch meeting: ATL encourages consultation with and lobbying of local MPs. Unions are also not prevented from commenting on and criticising local or national government policy. However, great care must be taken to ensure that any ATL literature is not politically biased.

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