Why I'm voting YES: greater representation, credibility and clout

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22 February 2017 by ATL
I have always enjoyed teaching and as an active ATL member, I enjoy being able to contribute to the education debate using the benefit of my 30-year experience as a teacher both in the state and the independent sector.
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Roger TrowbridgeWhilst I am given a reasonable amount of autonomy at my independent school, I am beginning to see some of the more time-consuming and pedagogically dubious state-school policies creeping into suggested practice.

Activities such as data collection, work scrutiny, lesson planning and lesson observations are becoming more prevalent and I know from colleagues in other independent schools that pay and conditions of service are causing a good deal of concern.

Creating a new union with even more independent sector members, securing greater workplace support, enhanced CPD and events and having guaranteed seats on Executive and at Annual Conference would give us kudos, status and influence. Our considered and professionally based views could not be ignored. I would hope and expect that more independent schools would feel obliged to offer recognition rights; indeed they might even welcome this opportunity.

Most teachers and education professionals across all sectors want the same thing, namely the freedom to teach to our expertise and talents and to present a cogent, relevant and accessible curriculum to the young people that we teach.

This is your chance to be involved in shaping the future of your education union and your profession. Vote ‘yes’ for greater representation, greater credibility, more political ‘clout’, and greater and enhanced access to member support.

Roger Trowbridge is a maths teacher at an independent school in Wiltshire.

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