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The future of education

The Government must work with the education profession to get the basics right

Our post-Brexit future depends on children and young people learning a broad range of subjects, which are tested in a meaningful not harmful way. It requires an education system where learners are taught by enough qualified staff in schools with enough places.

School cuts, however, will mean £3billion less to spend on teachers and support staff, on equipment and books and on the range of subjects taught. Schools at breaking point have increased class sizes, cut jobs, moved to shorter weeks and asked parents for cash.

We call on the next Government to promise to work with the education profession to get the basics right

An investment in education now means we’ll have the skills we need for our future. We need: 

  • Full and fair funding for all schools - including SEN provision, post-16 and early education, provided through a fair, adequately funded formula which does not divert resources to consultants instead of classrooms, nor to expensive free schools and selective education which benefit only a small minority of children.
  • Enough teachers and support staff - with high quality initial training, more ongoing development and a national pay structure with the public sector pay cap lifted, so qualified teachers stay in the profession and all classes are taught by a specialist with access to fairly-paid support staff.
  • Enough school places - every area with a local long-term plan for providing school places, focused on where the places are most needed, without increasing class sizes.
  • Staff and pupil wellbeing - addressing staff mental health by cutting workload driven by cuts, policy change and unreliable Ofsted inspections and restoring pupils’ mental health by rethinking excessive testing.
  • Broadening students’ opportunities - through high quality skills education in both school curricula and post-16 training and qualifications which utilise the expertise of the FE workforce.