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Surveys and networks
23 May 2013
Members' opinions on education are vital to the way ATL shapes its policies.

We often invite people to offer opinions and share experience through membership surveys, and by inviting responses to articles in Report magazine.

However, if you would like to be more involved in particular aspects of education policy development, you might consider joining one of our growing number of networks, or taking part in a specialist task group (STG).


ATL's surveys fulfil a dual purpose: firstly, to get a representative snapshot of member opinion and experience of a particular issue; and secondly, to invite respondents to get involved in further work.

These surveys are sent by email to random samples of members and we would very much welcome a response from you if you receive one. Please make sure that the membership team has your current email address.

You can find out about current surveys here.


ATL operates a number of policy-focused email networks, some of which are arranged around sector interests and others around specific interests. See the box on the right for the current list of networks.

These networks offer opportunities for you to comment on government proposals and help develop early thinking on new issues. You will also receive occasional information from ATL on related topics that may interest you.

As a network member there is no obligation for you to respond to emails, although the more you can contribute the more ATL can reflect members' views.

Current networks cover:

Specialist Task Groups

ATL has a highly responsive and democratic way of involving members in the policy-making process, at the heart of which are its specialist task groups (STGs). STGs offer members the opportunity to develop policy that informs ATL's voice at all levels, influence government and engage in stimulating professional discussions with peers.

You do not need to have been an active union member to get involved with an STG - you just need to have an interest in the topic, and a willingness and commitment to engage in discussion and debate with other members. ATL needs new STGs to carry forward policy work and is keen to involve more members.

Taking part in an STG might involve an initial face to face meeting at ATL's London office, followed by further discussions via e-mail and a final meeting to tie up loose ends or agree the final policy on complex issues.

An STG is a small group, but there is also the opportunity to be involved in an email STG, offering broader comment on the work of the face-to-face group. This allows us to hear a wide range of member opinion.

Members are recruited to STGs from the email networks and through surveys. We will also advertise forthcoming STGs on the website and you will be able to express an interest in particular topics as they arise.

See What are ATL task groups? for more information about the process, or see our page on current task groups for the latest.

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