02 November 2016
ATL has been raising concerns with the DfE about SATs assessments, especially around the use of data for holding the school to account, and for holding members to account for their work in the classroom, for example in their pay linked appraisals.

Primary assessment consultation

The DfE is currently consulting on the future of primary assessment and accountability, as well as how children working below the level of the SATs are assessed. There is still time to have your say on these consultations:


ATL has been meeting regularly with the DfE to raise concerns over primary assessment. There must be changes to the way data is used to hold schools and teachers to account.

ATL believes the data from these assessments is invalid because:

  • the design of the reading test, we believe, was too hard for the stage of the pupils
  • the use of 'secure fit' in the writing framework means that pupils had to hit every criteria to reach the expected standard
  • the requirements on teacher to gather evidence were inconsistently applied across local authorities
  • the assessments were not appropriate for many children with SEND or low prior attainment
  • the whole implementation of these new KS2 assessments was rushed and botched with exemplification papers delivered unacceptably late

ATL was looking for reassurance from the Government that:

  • the data will not be used to the detriment of schools or members or children
  • last year's system will be reviewed and improved
  • there will be a commitment to consult before introducing new assessment systems.
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