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07 February 2018
Over twenty charities and education unions, including the National Education Union, work together as the GCE UK coalition to deliver the Send My Friend to School campaign and undertaking parliamentary and advocacy work to remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Schools should be safe havens for children. But unfortunately for millions of children around the world school is a place of violence and danger.

Schools must be defended against violence and danger. The UK government has an important role to play in helping to meet the global promise of every child receiving a quality education by 2030. But the achievement of this goal is currently in jeopardy. This has to stop.

We need to make schools safe and you can help! Join the 2018 Send My Friend to School campaign to Make Schools Safe.

  • Education is empowering and transformative. It prepares young people for life and helps them reach their full potential. For this to happen schools need to be safe havens – places where young people are able to learn and thrive. In the UK we often take this principle for granted.
  • But across the world, 246 million children are experiencing violence at school every year. Millions of children are at risk of harm simply by trying to get an education.
  • Education teaches young people to raise their voices for change. When thousands of young people come together across the country as part of the Send My Friend to School campaign, they are an unstoppable force.

Get your class involved and join thousands of young people taking part in the Send My Friend to School campaign. Send a signal to the government that schools should be safe havens by creating a safety sign. Get your free teaching resource pack with everything you need to bring the campaign to life in your classroom - including films, real life stories and activities.

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