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25 May 2017
The Dying to Work campaign would like to see terminal illness recognised as a ‘protected characteristic’ so that an employee with a terminal illness would enjoy a ‘protected period’ where they could not be dismissed as a result of their condition.

Such protection would give every person battling terminal conditions the choice of how to spend their final months and the peace of mind to know their job was protected and the future financial security of their family was guaranteed.

  • Reduced income and loss of financial security.
  • Loss of stimulation, dignity and normality associated with being in employment.
  • Undergoing an inevitably stressful and upsetting HR procedure.
  • Loss of ‘Death in Service’ and ‘Life Assurance’ payments to family members and loved ones.

You can find out more on the TUC website

Nikki Simpson

Nikki joined ATL as an Organiser Learning & Development in 2013 after working as an organiser for Prospect. Creativity being one of her strengths she organised learning opportunities for hundreds of ATL members in the Eastern region.

Nikki devoted her whole energy to whatever she was doing.  Very proactive in her day job, she also acted as an energetic and inspirational GMB ULR for the ATL staff, actively designing and promoting a wide-ranging and engaging programme for Learning at Work Week. Her enthusiasm was infectious and her smile totally uplifting.  Nikki had a rare gift for communication. Whether she was planning a session to introduce colleagues to the Twittersphere, or thinking about sessions for happiness and wellbeing, her approach was always how to add the most value and make the opportunities as accessible as possible.

Sadly, Nikki was diagnosed with a terminal cancer in 2016. She continued to work, despite the challenges she was facing, and did so with great resolution and her typically positive approach.  In 2017 she was signed off indefinitely.

Nikki asked that as part of her legacy ATL support the TUC Dying to Work Campaign.

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