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Primary assessment is broken. So what do we want instead?

I think we can say that assessment in primary schools is broken. Many words have been written - including by ATL - about what’s gone wrong this year. The question remains, what do we want instead?

Millions have been wasted on failed baseline. It's time to listen to ATL members

Last week, education secretary Nicky Morgan appeared before the Education Select Committee to defend some of the controversial proposals in the white paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere.

Did Nick Gibb tell teachers to teach to the test?

Last Monday ATL welcomed School’s Minister Nick Gibb to our annual conference. He agreed to take part in a question and answer session with Gerard Kelly.

Unhelpful scaremongering?

I hope all the teachers reading this column had a relaxing half term, busy doing nothing, and certainly not ticking pupil progress data boxes.

Counting the other costs of baseline assessment

Who knew that a test for four-year-olds could be so expensive?

Times tables tests - as easy as 1, 2, 3?

Yesterday Nicky Morgan announced that in 2017 every 11 year old child will take an online test to check that they know their times tables up to 12 x 12. This test will be piloted this summer with 3,000 children.

This politicisation of public examinations must not be allowed to happen

On Sunday, schools minister Nick Gibb is reported to have expressed ‘greatest concern’ in response to Ofqual’s report on OCR’s problems in marking exam papers in time last summer.

In a fast-changing world, how should a curriculum and assessment system enable all learners to achieve?

Opinions on the kind of curriculum pupils should be taught have tended to become steadily more polarised in recent years.

Poor-quality marking will only become a more serious problem with the coalition’s exam reforms

Schools have lost faith in the ability of exam boards to mark exam papers accurately. If you need a demonstration of that fact, look no further than yesterday’s news that the number of GCSE and A-level papers sent for re-marking rose by 48 per cent to 450,500.