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Equalities speech made by Grainne McKeown at the 2018 AGM

This is the transcript of a speech on equalities, specifically focusing on the transgender pupil experience made at the 2018 AGM by Grainne McKeown, a teacher in Belfast and member of the NEU Northern Ireland Committee.

Welcoming refugee children to your school

Any pupil joining a school or class other than at the start of a key stage has a challenging transition facing them. For children from refugee families, whenever they start school, the challenge of fitting in is likely to be most acute.
Motion #47
Wed, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference wishes to clarify the meaning of Black as anyone who is a person of colour. This definition is important because it is not a term solely reserved for those of dark skin and principally from the African continent.

Motion #46
Tue, 2018
  • Individual Members

THAT Conference believes that access to safe, free, legal abortion is crucial to women’s and girls’ educational, economic, and social equality. Barriers to abortion services are barriers to women’s and girls’ rights.

Motion #45
Wed, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference believes that many portrayals of trans people in the media over recent years can only be described as appalling. Consistently transphobic media coverage has highlighted the level of ignorance and the lack of understanding of trans people’s rights.

Motion #44
Carried as amended
Wed, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference is extremely concerned at the high numbers of students who report that they have experienced sexual harassment in schools.

Amendment #44

Send My Friend to School

Over twenty charities and education unions, including the National Education Union, work together as the GCE UK coalition to deliver the Send My Friend to School campaign and undertaking parliamentary and advocacy work to remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Bisexuality in schools

Jayne Whistance discusses concerns specific to bisexuality and the issues that can be faced.
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Report February 2018

Spotlight on Sexism: Sexism and sexual harassment are a problem for all schools.

Why we need to be visible LGBT+ role models in schools

A guest blog from Daniel Gray, Middle leader at Harris Academy South Norwood and Co-founder of LGBTed.