Autism Live

Understand more about the life and culture of living with Autism

Supporting the Mental Health of Primary SEND pupils

This course aims to help Support Staff understand and identify the mental health needs of their SEND pupils and know where they might turn for help.

2D or not 2D: Inclusive Teaching for the Learner with Dyscalculia.

This interactive half day workshop focuses on the difficulties of a learner with dyscalculia. It will develop your understanding of dyscalculia and ability to recognise the signs and indicators of specific difficulties with maths.

2D or not 2D: Inclusive Teaching for the Learner with Dyslexia.

This motivational half day workshop will develop your understanding of dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties including visual stress.

SEND crisis: A teacher's perspective

There are days I go home and cry after school. I am failing my children. Is it because I don’t know how to support them? Is it because I haven’t got the right equipment? Is it because I don’t care?

Top Tips for Learners with a Specific Learning Difficulty

This workshop gives you the tools to recognise the signs and indicators of learners with a SpLD and top tips to meet their specific learning needs through high quality teaching and creating an inclusive learning environment.

SEND Toolkit

The SEND toolkit is an introduction to the SEND Code of Practice and what it means for the class teacher. This two hour course aims to help teachers understand and identify the needs of their SEND pupils. There will be practical ideas to use in the classroom to support pupils with SEND from day one.
Motion #35
Tue, 2018

THAT Conference agrees that every child is entitled to an education and that no child should be forgotten.

Motion #34
Tue, 2018
  • Executive Committee

Delete from ‘produce’ in the last paragraph to the end of the motion and replace with:

(i) commission guidance and advice for parents and education professionals, which includes: • the legal timelines for each part of the EHC plan and annual review processes

Motion #34
Carried as amended
Tue, 2018
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

THAT Conference notes with concern recent research showing that, despite the statutory 20- week time limit from a request for assessment being made to the issuing of the final EHC plan, only 59.2% of EHC plans were issued within the 20-week time limit in 2015.

Motion #34