Workload and hours

Managing Workload

Managing Workload CPD to look at time management, planning, prioritising tasks, time vs quality, allowing time to recover, and how to deal with the voice within.

CPD on Managing Workload

To tie in with ATL's Workload campaign, Mike Culley will run a session on managing workload.

CPD on Managing Workload

To tie in with ATL's Workload campaign, Mike Culley will run a session on Managing Workload.

ATL comment on teachers’ workload

Dr Mary Bousted, Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ (ATL) general secretary, comments on the Department for Education’s teacher voice survey.
Take action on workload with ATL. Since the beginning of our workload campaign we’ve visited over 1,000 workplaces across the UK to discuss workload. We organised over 50 bespoke CPD events tailored to your specific workload issues. We created new advice on marking, lesson planning, and data because these were the issues you were struggling with the most. Our tracker is continuing to give us insights into the most pressing areas of workload to tackle, giving us the evidence we need to back up discussions with key policy makers. We want you to keep filling in the tracker, sharing your tips on twitter using the hashtag #Make1Change and telling us about the workload issues you face.

West Midland's Teaching & Learning Conference

The conference will feature a #Make1Change ATL workload campaign briefing/update, a full day of high quality CPD, with a focus on time-saving Teaching and Learning strategies and a networking lunch.

ELM April 2017

The 60-hour week: why we need to tackle workload.

Report April 2017

Cutting down data to size: Report looks at how you can reduce time spent on unnecessary data.

ATL Cymru National Education Workforce Survey

The results of the National Education Workforce Survey, carried out by the Education Workforce Council on behalf of the Welsh Government, have been published today.
Motion #30
Tue, 2017
  • Somerset

THAT Conference notes with concern the increase in the use of job-share type arrangements between qualified teachers and TAs, HLTAs or unqualified teachers in schools. Further, Conference is aware that the demands placed on part-time qualified teachers to support