What does a ULR do?

A union learning rep (ULR) supports and helps other members with their continuing personal and professional development.

This means working closely with members and management to identify ways to improve access and quality of current provision, as well as a source of new opportunities.

In ATL, there are two main types of ULR: branch and workplace (school/college).

Both roles have three main areas of work:

  • working with members/staff
  • working with management
  • working with the local branch.

The main difference between the roles is that ULRs based in the workplace (either a school or college) tend to work with all staff members and concentrate on working in partnership with the institution's continuing professional development (CPD) co-ordinator or committee. Branch-based ULRs concentrate on branch union learning events, working with the LA and recruiting and supporting school and college-based ULRs.

To help branches and ULRs work together, there are branch ULR protocols.